Helping you change from focus on curative care to preventative care and health lifestyle.

The aims of preventative health services are to promote health and well-being. We aim at empowering people to make positive lifestyle choices for them to achieve balance in their physical, mental and emotional health and to support them to live longer, healthier and more productive lives.

Our preventive health services include wellness programs, screening programs and health protection services.

Wellness Service

Our wellness programs deliver clinical and community interventions that empowers people to make healthy lifestyle choices to achieve balance in physical, mental and emotional health and to support people to live longer, healthier, productive lives.


Screening And Detection

Our screening programs provide life-saving, population-based screening services that promote education, awareness and early detection of priority diseases in Qatar.

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Health Protection

Our health protection services promote health, safety and quality of life by preventing and controlling communicable diseases and infections and managing outbreaks and other incidents which threaten the public’s health.

Travel and Vaccinations Diseases 

Control Of Communicable Diseases 

Immunization Support 

Infection Prevention and Control 


How to benefit from our services

Consult your family physician at your registered health centre to discuss your preventive health care needs. Your family physician can arrange access to the services required. To arrange an appointment with your family physician, please call 107.

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