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Immunization Support

Our Immunization support services offer a wide range of vaccines to PHCC patients registered. Immunization is a well-established method for managing and preventing severe infectious diseases that have the potential to cause significant health issues, disabilities, or even death. As an example, we provide the BCG vaccine at birth, the MMR1 vaccine at 12 months, and the Tdat vaccine between 13 and 18 years of age. 

With our immunization services, we can guarantee the well-being of individuals, families, and those at elevated risk who are unable to get vaccinated, thus fostering a safer community for everyone. 

Our immunization support aligns with Qatar's National Immunization Program, which follows the guidelines set by the World Health Organization.  

Target Group 

All PHCC registered individuals.  

More Information

Please contact your Family Physician or call 107, to learn more about the vaccinations we provide for you, your family and your children. 

Access Type 

  • Self-referral 
  • Physician referral