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Accreditation Canada – Diamond Level


Accreditation Canada is a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to working with patients, policy makers and the public to improve the quality of health and social services for all.  

The organization works to bring the best of health care using the Accreditation standards and evidence based best practices and work toward ensuring safe care for our patients and community. Accreditation aids the organization to develop a sustainable culture of improvement, leading to increased safety, efficiency, and ultimately, the betterment of lives. 

Accreditation standards provides the basis to self-assess our programs and services, leading to safer, quality health care for those who matter most, patients and their families. 

PHCC is accredited at a Diamond Level for the last two cycles and being the first in the world to have attained ‘PCC Commitment Award’. It aims to retain its diamond level accreditation with focus on becoming PCC Centre of Excellence.