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Expanding our reach to support Qatar National Vision 2030

We are continuously transforming the landscape of PHCC facilities by introducing new, state-of-the-art health centers or enhancing the existing ones to ensure excellent delivery of healthcare within our premises. 

Our engineers prioritize the well-being of both visitors and staff by upholding sustainability, reliability, and quality of the physical environment. This involves adhering to established codes, enhancing existing facilities, and keeping medical and non-medical systems and assets in optimal condition. They also seize every chance to implement green and environmentally friendly practices and engage with clients. 

PHCC health centers extend their outreach to the community while maintaining a strong commitment to disease prevention, encouraging healthy lifestyles, and promoting wellness. 

The establishment of new health centers is a direct response to the increasing demand for services, which has grown rapidly in tandem with Qatar's expanding population. 

PHCC's objective is to enhance accessibility for both patients and the public by expanding geographic coverage to encompass the entire country. 

The primary aim of the new health centers is to combine exceptional architectural design with a commitment to clinical excellence, providing support to patients, their families, and clinical staff. 

Our Facilities
Al Wajbah HC


PHCC aspires to establish health centers that are: 


  • Founded on evidence-based practices 
  • Family-oriented 
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art technology 
  • Reliable 
  • Supportive of clinical practices 
  • Purpose built
  •  Culturally sensitive
  •  Safe
  •  Sustainable
  •  Environmentally conscious