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Urgent Care


People seek assurance of having access to reliable healthcare services within their community. As a result, the Urgent Care Services provided by PHCC plays a critical role in ensuring the consistent delivery of such services, whenever and wherever patients may need. 

The Urgent Care Units provide 24-hour care for patients of non-threatening medical needs under primary care scope, such as: minor burns, sprains, severe headache or earache, high fever, dehydration, and dizziness. Other critical conditions will be stabilized and then immediately transferred by EMS for further care at HMC secondary care. The service is accessible to registered patients from any PHCC health center. 

PHCC currently provides this 24-hour Urgent Care Service at the following 10 health centers: 


Rawdat Al Khail

Gharrafat Al Rayyan

Al Kaaban

Al Sheehaniya

Al Ruwais


Abu Baker Al Siddiq

Umm Slal

Al Mashaf

Al Sadd

Al Karaana