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Nursing Directorate

The Nursing Services Directorate offers leadership and oversight for various patient care areas within PHCC, including various nursing roles: Health Center Nurses, School Health Nurses, Home Health Care Nurses, and Midwives. PHCC’s nurses’ primary focus is to ensure safe and skilled nursing care. 

Collaborating with nursing leaders across PHCC's clinical divisions, the Nursing Services Directorate provides guidance on various aspects of nursing services. This includes professional care standards, performance evaluation, nursing protocols, staffing strategies, professional development, ongoing education, enhancing clinical practices, improving work areas, ensuring patient and workplace safety, and managing nursing licensure. 

Scope of Service

  • The Nursing Services Directorate takes an active leadership role in PHCC’s decision-making structures and processes to ensure the delivery of safe and clinically competent nursing services in all nursing clinical areas across the organization. 
  • The goal of nursing practice is to assist clients in achieving and maintaining optimal health in order to maximize quality of life across the lifespan. Nursing care is provided through nursing processes such as patient education; nursing administration, supervision, and evaluation of nursing care and practice; collaboration with other health care team members; implementation of nursing standards of care and practice; and partnership with the community. 
  • All nursing care is under the direction of registered nurses; nurse technicians must demonstrate nursing competencies acquired through certified nursing education programs with completion degrees and certificates, displaying a thorough knowledge of clinical areas, policies, and procedures, including proficiency in the computer order entry system. 

Target Group

All PHCC registered patients. 

Other information

The Nursing Service Directorate leads the organization in the provisioning of clinical nursing practice that meets or exceeds established professional standards to maintain the trust and respect of our patients and the community.