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Staff Access

School Health


The School Health Service encompasses various services aimed at enhancing children's overall well-being, education, cultural understanding, social growth, and physical development by maintaining high quality service. This program mainly focuses on students in government schools, with the goal of promoting a healthy school environment and fostering optimal learning conditions. 

Scope of Service

School Health Clinics are operated by school nurses, at all governmental school from Kindergarten to schools students between from the age of 5-18, covering all education levels (Model and Primary, Preparatory and Secondary). 

Preventive Health services

Aims to improve the health of students at different levels of education, these services providing the necessary care at a high-level of efficiency in order to promote and maintain health, include: 

  • Health Education: Helping students, staff and parents to raise their health-awareness and gain the necessary health skills to enhance their daily health behaviors.
  • Conducting various immunization campaigns. 
  • Conducting different screenings such as: annual growth monitoring, annual vision monitoring, and opportunistic screening for potential health issues. 

Clinical school health services

These services include:

  • First aid and dealing with injuries and emergencies
  • Dealing with chronic diseases and other health problems.
  • Management and control of infectious diseases.
  • Transfer needed students to health centers.

Target Group  

Governmental schools students age (5-18 years).

Type of Access

Open access to all governmental school students through School Health Clinics.