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Staff Access

Annual Health Checks

Scope of Service

The Annual Health Check-up Service helps PHCC healthcare providers identify diseases or health problems early and assess the risk of developing health-related complications in individuals. These issues can then be managed by the individual's family medicine team. 

The service is delivered over the course of two visits: 

  • Visit 1: The  ‘Annual Check Assessment Appointment’ with a nurse.  
  • Visit 2: The  ‘Annual Check Consultation Appointment’ with a physician. 

During the assessment appointment, the nurse records vital signs and assists the patient in filling out the Annual Health Assessment Questionnaire, which includes inquiries about personal history, family, social history, and mental health. The nurse also aids the patient in completing the Cancer Screening Assessment, which is then followed by laboratory tests. 

During the follow-up Annual Check Consultation appointment, the family physician examines the assessments and laboratory results. Depending on the results, the physician provides guidance to the patient and makes referrals for any needed support, which may include PHCC's wellness service as part of preventive care services. 

Target Group 

This service is offered to individuals registered with PHCC who 18 years are or older and meet the specified criteria. 

Please be aware that individuals with known risk factors, including a family history of chronic disease, those under the age of 18, individuals with a BMI over 30, pregnant women, those with known non-communicable diseases, and unregistered patients, are not eligible for this service. 

To learn more, you can discuss this with your family physician during your next health center visit, or you can call 107 for further information. 


Type of Access

  • Physician referral 
  • Self-referral by calling 107