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Hot Weather Poses Risks to the Elderly

11 Jun 2024

Hot weather can challenge the body’s ability to regulate its temperature, especially for older...

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Pilgrim Should Consume Non-greasy Foods and Plenty of Water for Hydration

09 Jun 2024

Hajj is one of one of the five pillars of Islam and holds immense spiritual significance for M...

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PHCC Raises Awareness on World Environment Day

06 Jun 2024

Safeguarding and improving the human environment is a major issue affecting the well-being of ...

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PHCC Provides Health Guidelines for Pilgrims

05 Jun 2024

As the Hajj season draws near, the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) offers recommendatio...

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PHCC Recommends Pilgrims to Undergo Dental Check-up Before Travelling for Hajj

03 Jun 2024

Dr. Najat Al Yafei, Manager of Oral Health Promotion and Prevention Department at the Primary ...

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Ensuring Healthy Eating and Avoiding Staying up Late are Important Tips for Students Before School Exams

30 May 2024

With the academic exams drawing near, all families have initiated a state of emergency at home...

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Asthma is a Non-infectious Chronic Disease

22 May 2024

The world celebrates this year the World Asthma Day, which falls in May each year, under the t...

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PHCC Stresses on the Importance of Periodic Health Check-up for Adults

07 May 2024

The periodic health check-up service is a medical examination offered for adults aged 18 and a...

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Hand Hygiene Prevent the Spread of Germs

03 May 2024

Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) partners with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) for ...

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QCS & PHCC joined forces to increase awareness of oral and dental health

03 May 2024

Qatar Cancer Society (QCS), in collaboration with the Primary Health Care Corporation's D...

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PHCC Is Committed to Highest Occupational Standards

02 May 2024

Employees across various industries worldwide are constantly exposed to occupational risks, re...

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Vaccines Are Prevention and Treatment Tools for Both Adults and Children

29 Apr 2024

During the last week of April every year, the world comes together to celebrate the World Immu...

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