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Dr Khanji

PHCC: Smoking is Responsible for 90% of Lung Cancer Cases

31 May 2023

Observed on 31 May each year, the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) celebrates World No T...

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PHCC Marks Qatar Family Day

17 Apr 2023

The family has a special place in the Qatari society emerging from inherited customs and the t...

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BOWEL cancer post MAIN-01

PHCC Concludes Successful “Preventable, Treatable, Curable” Bowel Cancer Awareness Month Campaign

12 Apr 2023

Through the bowel cancer screening program (Screen for Life), the Primary Health Care Corporat...

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Dr Sadria Kuhaji

PHCC Offers a Variety of Services to Support People With ASD

03 Apr 2023

On World Autism Awareness Day, which marks April 2nd, Dr. Sadriya Al Kohji, Assistant Medical ...

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PHCC Publishes Preliminary Results of Evaluation of Students with Asthma

02 Apr 2023

The Primary Health Care Corporation’s (PHCC) School Health Department has completed the first ...

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Dr Sadria Kuhaji

PHCC launches ASD Awareness Initiative in Schools

12 Mar 2023

Dr. Sadria Al-Kooheji: We aim to involve ASD individuals in the society in a healthy and eff...

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Dr Sheikha Abu Sheikha

PHCC Launches Bowel Cancer Awareness Campaign to Encourage Early Screening

02 Mar 2023

In parallel with the Bowel Cancer Awareness Campaigns that are celebrated every March of each ...

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PHCC Urges Public to Take Caution to Prevent Common Winter Eye Problems

29 Jan 2023

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has warned the public about common winter eye probl...

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PHCC Promotes Oral and Dental Health at Al Noor Institute for the Blind

24 Jan 2023

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC)’s Preventive Health Directorate, in partnership wit...

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Dr Umsalma

PHCC Expert: Wintertime Triggers a Flu Season

09 Jan 2023

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) defines influenza as an acute viral infection that ...

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health corner at HQ

Breast & Bowel Screening Program Activities & Campaign

01 Dec 2022

Home delivery service re-activation & October Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign


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Dr Samya Al Abdulla

PHCC Advises Annual Check to Spot Diseases

25 Oct 2022

The Annual Health Check Service is a health check-up for adults in Qatar aged 18 and above, deign...

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