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QCS & PHCC joined forces to increase awareness of oral and dental health

03 May 2024

Qatar Cancer Society (QCS), in collaboration with the Primary Health Care Corporation's Department of Oral Health Promotion and Prevention, has launched an awareness campaign targeting oral cancer. The initiative aims to enhance public understanding of oral cancers and empower individuals through self-examination while promoting oral health among cancer patients in the community.


This comprehensive campaign encompasses a series of educational lectures covering oral health and cancer prevention. Attendees will receive guidance on conducting regular self-examinations to detect oral cancer early. The lectures will address risk factors, warning signs, and changes individuals should watch for during self-examination. Additionally, informative presentations will debunk myths, address common questions about oral cancer, and provide attendees with resources to aid in oral cancer detection.


Dr. Najat Alyafei, Manager of the Oral Health Promotion and Prevention Department at PHCC, praised the strategic partnership between the two organizations. She emphasized the campaign's role in achieving shared health goals and increasing awareness among individuals. Dr. Alyafei highlighted upcoming dental examination campaigns designed to detect potential health issues early, ensuring timely care and improving individuals' quality of life while reducing disease transmission.


Recognizing the significant impact of cancer treatments on oral health, the campaign will also guide proper oral care to minimize complications. Cancer patients will receive advice on nutrition, communication with dentists regarding treatment-related symptoms, pain management, infection prevention, and suitable prosthesis options for missing teeth. Dr. Alyafei urged cancer patients to seek specialized dental care for various conditions.


Dr. Hadi Mohamad Abu Rasheed, Scientific Advisor and Head of the Cancer Awareness and Professional Development Department at QCS, emphasized the importance of this collaboration in community service and health promotion. He anticipated further partnership to realize QCS's vision of Qatar as a cancer prevention and management leader.


Dr. Abu Rasheed reiterated both organizations' critical role in serving society, particularly individuals affected by cancer. He stressed the ongoing need for combined efforts to combat cancer and mitigate its effects effectively. This cooperation underscores the commitment to supporting individuals living with cancer and advancing public health initiatives in Qatar.