Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) is a new strain of Coronavirus initially identified in Wuhan, China, and now affecting communities across the globe.

The State of Qatar has taken all precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in order to ensure the safety of all its residents. These precautionary measures may change based on the latest guidance by the national health authorities and international organizations regarding the spread of COVID-19.

Primary Health Care corporation urges all citizens and residents to apply all preventive measures to protect against infection as recommended by the Ministry of Public Health on its website and social media accounts.

A dedicated, round-the-clock call center has been set up to answer all questions and enquiries related to COVID-19. The hotline number is 16000 and is toll-free.

Covid-19’s related Health Care Services available within PHCC

In repose to the Covid-19 pandemic, PHCC in collaboration with HMC, MoPH and partners recently launched a band of new virtual health care services developed to contain the spread of the virus.

The Community Call Center:

Patients requiring urgent consultations can dial 16000 and will be routed to PHCC’s Community Call Center which offers remote telephonic and video consultations by a PHCC physician. The Community Call Center is working 24hrs with no interruption in all days of the week, and the physician will able to provide remote advice, diagnosis, and offer prescriptions through this new service.

Telephone Consultation Service:

This service is Implemented specifically to address patients with “pre-booked” appointments and replace the usual face-to-face consultations with the physician. This service aims to reduce the number of patients coming to health center, and allow patients to access services of Family Physician, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Smoking Cessation, Dental, among other services remotely.

Medication Refill & Home Delivery Service:

PHCC launched the Medication Refill & Home Delivery Service via Q-post with effect from, 25th March 2020 in most PHCC health centers. Registered patients can receive their prescribed medications by simply sending “WhatsApp” message to a dedicated phone number at each PHCC pharmacy. The service aims to reduce any need for the patient to come to health center to fight the spread of Corona Virus.

Dedicated Test & Hold Health Centers facilities:

Currently, there are 4 health centers at PHCC designated to be Test & Hold facilities for all suspect cases of Covid-19. These health centers are Rawdat Al Khail HC, Muaither HC, Gharrafat Al Rayyan HC, and Umm Slal HC. PHCC also made the Covid-19 test available at all other health centers within PHCC for suspect cases.

For more information about the latest updates related to Covid 19 please visit the webpage created by MOPH in collaboration with HMC and PHCC, Please Click Here

Request for Electronic Medical Certificate for COVID-19

The Request for Electronic Medical Certificate for COVID-19 service allows PHCC’s registered patients to request a medical certificate through PHCC’s website and receive an electronic copy of the certificate online.

The service is available for patients with pre-existing chronic conditions and confirmed pregnancies.

After submitting the request, the patient will receive an electronic copy of the medical certificate after the request is verified for eligibility by PHCC's HIM department.

Patients will have to provide the access code sent to them through SMS and email to verify their identity when submitting the online request.

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