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PHCC Honors Its Outstanding Employees, Departments and Health Centers

23 May 2024

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) held its annual corporate forum to honor its outstanding employees, health centers, departments, physicians as well as medical, nursing and administrative staff, further emphasizing the concept of self and human development.


This recognition aims to reinforce the idea of excellence, which has been established as a benchmark for assessment in honoring outstanding health centers, departments, sections and employees. The annual recognition acts as an incentive within the health sector, with officials having a strong conviction that humans are the true wealth of the nation, and honoring and supporting the outstanding individuals not only prospers the community but also fosters giving and innovation.


“Managing Director’s Speech”

Dr. Mariam Abdul Malik, PHCC Managing Director, delivered a speech expressing profound pride and appreciation for the attention and priority the health sector receives from the wise leadership of Qatar under the national vision 2030, aiming to achieve excellence in providing primary health care to the entire population of Qatar, thus improving their health and wellbeing. 


She added that with the support, supervision, and follow-up from the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), PHCC has upheld this excellence, enabling it to overcome significant challenges in recent years, achieving remarkable success and demonstrating strength, resilience, and advancement of the health system in the country, which rivals and surpasses numerous facets of the world's foremost healthcare services.


“As it is well known that over the past decade, the Primary Health Care Corporation has been an example of relentless endeavor toward contributing to the advancement of the health sector in the country, being an innovative corporation centered around community members, with over seven thousand employees responsible for providing comprehensive and high-quality healthcare services accessible to all residents of this generous country, regardless of whether they are citizens, residents, or visitors” Dr. Mariam stated.


Dr. Mariam added during the awards ceremony that the Primary Health Care Corporation has expanded to operate 31 health centers distributed across the country, providing a wide range of preventive, curative, and diagnostic services, including numerous specialty and general clinics.


Furthermore, she elaborated that the Primary Health Care Corporation aims to promote awareness of concepts such as outstanding performance, innovation, and quality, as well as to enhance a culture of excellence that extends the corporation’s appreciation for the performance of its outstanding healthcare centers and employees, encouraging and motivating them to foster positive competition among employees within various job categories, creating a state of innovation and raising their performance levels, contributing to achieving PHCC goals, mission, and aspirations.


Interludes of the Forum”

Mr. Musallam Mubarak Al Nabet, AMD for Administration and Corporate Services honored retired employees after many years filled with dedication, loyalty, and excellence. This was followed by honoring “Ataa" group for those who have completed 25 years of dedicated service in PHCC. This annual occasion highlights the commitment and dedication of PHCC employees, extending gratitude to a wide range of talents from the human capital, whose sincere efforts have contributed to making PHCC a leading organization. They have been exemplary in dedication and commitment to all values and higher models.


"A Journey Full of Challenges"

In this aspect, Dr. Sameera Mashael Al-Hajri, Director of Occupational Health under the Occupational Health and Safety Department, delivered a word on behalf of her colleagues in the "Ataa" group, who have served for more than 25 years in the corporation. “These twenty-five years carry many unforgettable stories and memories, and our professional journey has been full of challenges witnessing the birth of success, development, patient care, and the spirit of teamwork. We faced challenges, achieved goals, and these days have given us invaluable experiences” she stated.  


“Outstanding Departments"

During the annual forum, under the patronage and attendance of Dr. Mariam Ali Abdul Malik, outstanding departments were honored. These included the Information Technology and Communications Department, represented by Engineer Tawfiq Al Harbawi, the Occupational Health and Safety Department, represented by Dr. Maryam Abdullah Al Muslimani, the Quality and Patient Safety Department, represented by Dr. Amal Abdullah Al Ali.


"Outstanding Committees"

Regarding the outstanding committees in PHCC, Dr. Mariam Ali Abdul Malik honored the Innovation and Creativity Committee, represented by Dr. Amal Al Ali, the Continuous Professional Development Committee, represented by Layla Al Jasmi, and the Tenders and Bidding Committee, represented by Mr. Musamah Al Qahtani.


“Outstanding Health Centers"

As for the outstanding health centers, three centers were honored:

- From the northern region: Qatar University Health Center, award received by Dr. Al Anoud Al Fahidi, health center director.

- From the central region: Rawdat Al Khail Health Center, award received by Dr. Abdullah Al Nuaima, health center director.

- From the western region: Al Waab Health Center, award received by Dr. Maha Al Muslim, health center director.


In addition, Mr. Musallam Mubarak Al Nabet honored outstanding employees from various departments, while Dr. Samia Ahmed Al Abdullah honored outstanding employees from various health centers.


At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Mariam Ali Abdul Malik honored the team that won the Leadership in Human Capital Development Award, a significant accolade recently bestowed upon PHCC as part of the Qatar Government Excellence Award.