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PHCC Concludes its ‘Back to School’ Campaign for the Academic Year 2023-2024

20 Sep 2023

On Thursday, September 7, 2023, the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) concluded its ‘Back to School’ Campaign for the Academic Year 2023-2024, held under the slogan “The Smart School Clinic: The Best Way to Take Care of Your Children’s Health.”

The campaign activities were held at Muaither, Al Wajbah, Qatar University, Umm Slal, Omar bin Al Khattab, and Al Wakra health centers.

The campaign aimed to highlight the achievements of PHCC in transforming the conventional school clinics into smart clinics and introduce both citizens and residents to the advanced level of the school clinics in Qatar. In addition to gaining more confidence in the school health services to consolidate the values of cooperation between students, parents, and school nurses.

PHCC’s School Health Department, through featuring many different activities of the campaign over the course of two weeks, aimed to clarify the basic elements of the smart school clinic: providing continuous and sustainable health care to students from the moment they enter the school clinic to receive treatment until they recover and linking between all multidisciplinary health team members who provide health care to students.

The school clinic offers student-centered services and ensures to provide the right health care at the right time, all of which comes in line with PHCC’s general policy.

This year’s Back to School campaign has been the most resonant and effective. In this campaign, many activities have been carried out in schools for over 117,800 (51%) students and over 84,000 (37%) parents of the total number of recipients. The activities included delivering educational lectures, distributing leaflets, sending text messages to parents, and displaying the campaign’s video.

PHCC strives to build a strong community partnership with parents, given that they are key partners in providing the best health care for their children through their cooperation, communication, and feedback. In addition to building ongoing relationships with parents through delivering various awareness campaigns or through parents’ communication with school nurses to provide the best health services for their children.