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Joint PHCC and HMC Senior Ophthalmology Meeting: Strengthening Collaboration for Enhanced Services

21 Jun 2023

PHCC and HMC Senior Ophthalmology Meeting
As part of ongoing efforts to enhance ophthalmology services in Qatar, the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) and Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) recently convened a highly productive joint meeting at Al Sadd Health Centre. This inaugural meeting provided a platform for key stakeholders from both organizations to come together and explore opportunities for collaboration and improvement.
The meeting brought together senior PHCC representatives including Dr Samya Ahmad Al Abdulla, Executive Director of Operations, senior consultant FM; Dr. Fathiya Mohammed Al Meer and Dr. Hayam Ali AlSada, Regional Directors; Dr. Badria Ali Mohamed Al Malki, Assistant Director of Integrated & Continuity of Care; Health Center Managers; and senior PHCC Ophthalmologists.  HMC was well-represented by Dr. Omar Mohd A Al-Qahtani, Senior Consultant and Head of Ophthalmology & Deputy of Medical Director Wakra Hospital, Dr. Mustafa Al Hashimi, Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist, Ms. Tala Al-Qatami, Assistant Executive Director of Operations Ambulatory Care Centre (ACC), Mr. Mohammad Hassan, Director of Nursing, as well as accomplished ophthalmologists from HMC. 
In-depth discussions were held on various topics, with a specific focus on referral rates and pathways, as well as potential areas for joint collaboration such as training programs with the aim of identifying areas where both PHCC and HMC could align their efforts and work together seamlessly to provide enhanced care and improved experiences for patients.
Several key action items were agreed upon:
1. Improved Referral Pathways: PHCC and HMC are committed to ongoing collaboration to enhance referral pathways, ensuring a smoother process for patient transitions between the two organizations. This collaborative step will enable seamless transfers and coordinated care, ensuring that patients receive the most appropriate ophthalmic services.

2. Training Collaboration: HMC to share training with PHCC, allowing PHCC Ophthalmologists to participate in their continuing professional development training sessions. This ongoing collaboration will facilitate knowledge sharing, enabling our professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in ophthalmology.

3. Pharmacy Formulary: PHCC and HMC to maintain an approved pharmacy formulary, ensuring consistent access to necessary medications for ophthalmology patients. This ongoing initiative will streamline medication management and contribute to improved patient outcomes.
Both organizations remain dedicated to ongoing collaborative efforts to strengthen the integration of PHCC and HMC's Ophthalmology services. Ultimately, this shared vision will provide the best possible care and ensure positive outcomes for patients.