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Health Centers Received Over 32,000 Visitors During Eid Al Fitr Holiday

01 May 2023


The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) announced that its 20 health centers that were operating during Eid Al Fitr had received over 32,000 visitors during the holiday period, which extended from April 19-27,2023.

PHCC indicated that the general and family medicines clinics had a substantial number of visitors which received 21754 visitors, while the general dental clinics received 1378 visitors, as well as urgent cases units in 10 health centers that received 5383 visitors during the holiday period. These are Al Mashaf, Al Sadd, Abu Baker AlSiddiq, Al Ruwais, Al Sheehaniya, Al Kaaban, Gharrafat Al Rayyan, Rawdat Al Khail, Muaither, and Umm Slal.

Moreover, PHCC added that it had provided a range of services of specialized clinics, including optometry services, ear, nose and throat, dermatology, and premarital examination, in addition to pharmaceutical, x-ray, and laboratory services.
In addition,

PHCC’s Community Call Center provided 1014 virtual medical consultations for visitors who communicated with the corporation without a prior appointment via the service line 16000, since such type of consultations offers fast access to patients whose medical conditions are considered urgent and require necessary health care, including prescribing medications patients swiftly need through a professional physician.

PHCC also continued to provide vaccination services against COVID-19 virus in its health centers that had been working in shifts during this period, stressing that all operating health centers were keen to receive all visitors and fulfil their needs in a timely fashion avoiding patients’ waiting for long time. It pointed out that fulfilling visitors' needs is one of the top priorities PHCC strives to achieve, as one of the critical pillars of National Health Strategy in consistent with Qatar National Vision 2030.