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PHCC Strives Towards Closer Cooperation with Local Universities

16 Jun 2022

Field Visits

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) continues to strive towards bilateral closer cooperation with various state institutions for the benefit of professional entities, in particular, and society, in general.

In this context, Dr. Mariam Al-Rashid, Head of Academic Affairs at PHCC, made several field visits to local universities, where she met with several deans and heads of departments to discuss ways of bilateral academic and research cooperation between the Academic Affairs Department and a group of local universities and colleges: University of Doha for Science and Technology, Doha Institute for Graduate Studies and Community College of Qatar.

“The field visits to universities and academic establishments came to discuss avenues for cooperation, believing in the importance of cooperation and successful cultural and academic exchange, which comes under the guidance of Dr. Mariam Ali Abdul Malik, Managing Director of PHCC. That is to plan in advance with the academic authorities to discuss some areas of preparations for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ to ensure the training and preparation of the workforce and ensure the provision of safe, high-quality and world-class health services,” said Dr. Al-Rashid.

The cooperation comes is line with PHCC’s keenness to develop plans based on the importance of attracting qualified individuals and graduates for employment in PHCC. It also comes in line with Qatar 2030’s vision to train and graduate local leaders through signing MoUs in the near future characterized by effectiveness and constructive sustainability to serve our country, and through qualifying manpower in some specializations and programs.

During these visits, Dr. Al-Rashid stressed the importance of strengthening the mechanisms of joint scientific cooperation, to achieve the common interests between PHCC and national universities. This is through an integrated presentation that highlights the vision and strategy of the Academic Affairs Department, which aims primarily to develop and improve the quality of education outputs. In addition to ensuring the preparation and qualification of graduates to meet the requirements and challenges of the local labor market. During the presentation, she touched on the developments and updates related to government scholarship laws and how to apply for a local or international grant, referring to the changes related to the requirements of submissions and approvals, following PHCC’s need for the required specializations.