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PHCC Concludes Its Blood Donation Campaign

28 Jul 2022

Blood Donation Campaign

As part of World Blood Donor Day 2022 and to help facilitate an adequate blood supply for patients, the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) concluded its blood donation campaign launched during the months of June and July, in partnership with Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Blood Donor Center, through a fully equipped mobile blood donation unit.

World Blood Donor Day takes place annually on 14 June and was created to help raise global awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products for transfusion, while highlighting the critical contribution voluntary, unpaid blood donors make to national health systems.

The day also offers an opportunity to call to action governments and national health authorities, to provide adequate resources that help increase the collection of blood from voluntary, unpaid blood donors.

Huda Al Wahedi, Executive Director of PHCC’s Corporate Communications Department, said: “PHCC supports campaigns that promote a culture of voluntary blood donation and educate the public, our staff, and health centers on the importance of national and humanitarian initiatives that help facilitate an adequate blood supply for patients, noting that blood donation reactivates blood circulation and renews cells”.

Al Wahedi added that number of eligible doners have reached 150 through PHCC’s campaign, under the supervision of the Awareness Health Department at PHCC’s Corporate Communications Department, across six of its health centers: Al Wajba, Mesaimeer, Umm Slal, Qatar University, Al Wakra, and Omar Bin Al Khattab, where this campaign was concluded.