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QNCC Covid-19 vaccination center is closed Successfully after administering over 650,000 vaccines

06 Jul 2021


National mass Covid-19 vaccination center at Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC) closed on the 29th June having achieved its goal of administering over 650.000 vaccines to the eligible population of Qatar. Qatar is being recognized as one of the 10 countries in the world per capita vaccine coverage.

The Mass Vaccination Campaign project at Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC) started on February 18th, 2021 with the aim to maximize the vaccine administration capacity in Qatar and immunize a wider population efficiently and quickly. The education sector cohort being the priority group, and achieved 70% vaccination of both doses for teaching, non-teaching staff and eligible students.

“PHCC proudly undertook this project with support from leadership, the collective effort to effectively, and efficiently, reach out to the community and successfully administer many vaccines during this period has been extraordinary. Our teams have worked hard to deliver to the vaccines to the most vulnerable in our communities. Thank you to everyone who has worked to support the project and to the public for their continued support and understanding”. said Dr Mariam Abdul Malik, Managing Director at PHCC.

Regular COVID-19 project risk assessment and monitoring  practices were conducted at QNCC to ensure the safety of clients and staff, due to the big size of the project, each operational area were divided into zones with designated supervision system and a queuing system implemented to manage clients while following strict social distancing strategies with continues improvement. 

“We are immensely proud of the effort and dedication to keeping our community’s safe ad protected, by offering support and encouragement to help promote and deliver the COVID vaccination to our communities at the QNCC. The QNCC vaccination center has played a core part in the success of the vaccine campaign in Qatar, providing an efficient, accessible service to all.” Said Dr Samya Abdulla, Executive Director of Operations.

“This was a high complex and mega-size project that required well project planning, implementation of clear and robust systems and processes and continues monitoring and improvement. The requirements were dynamic, the change management and agility were one of key success factor. More than 35 different teams, comprising of more than 1000 staff (400 administrative team members including core project team, technical support team, customer service and external teams of volunteers, security and MOI (Fazaa, Lekhwiya, community police, traffic police and facility officers) and more than 600 clinical team members including nurses, lab technicians/technologist, physicians, pharmacists, EMS on daily basis, 16 operational hours and 7 days a week. This had to be coordinated well and communication was key to ensure success not only within the team but also with other stakeholders and other vaccination centers to ensure overall success. I am very proud of each and every one who contributed in this exceptional achievement and would like to express gratitude and appreciation to all that made this such a great success and learning experience for future projects for the country and humanity.”, said Dr Yasmin Ali Morad, Project Director at PHCC.

Throughout the campaign, Further, safety of staff and clients was the projects’ priority and the required precautionary measures were planned and implemented throughout the campaign. These strategies have helped to ensure the success of the vaccination campaign by creating and delivering safe and effective vaccines for all. 

 “I would like to specifically thank the impressive people who were all part of the QNCC teams and others who supported the effort, including teams from different departments at PHCC, Ministry of Interior, Qatar National Convention Centre, Qatar Foundation, Qatar Red Crescent, Hamad Medical Corporation, Ooredoo, and of course Ministry of Public Health for the continues support and guidance and all community members” said Dr Yasmin, Project Director at PHCC.

Teams were dedicated to success with the proof of being able to administer more than 9,000 vaccination doses in a day through one center only. PHCC demonstrated the dedication of being a client centered organization through this project that provided beside vaccination service, multiple vaccination supporting services to clients.
Note for the clients who received their first (1st) dose at QNCC, their second (2nd) dose appointments will be scheduled soon and further details will be published in the social media platform.