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A Research Study on Asthma - Dr. Ahmed Sameer Alnuaimi

Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases with a varying age of onset, affecting all age groups. Recent reports indicate an increasing prevalence especially among children. According to Global Asthma Report around 430 million people are projected to have Asthma by the year 2025. Asthma is reported in about a fifth of children in Qatar. The introduction of electronic medical recording system (CERNER) in Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) in Qatar in 2016 provided a convenient opportunity for researchers to analyze a wealth of data on health status of PHCC service...

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Flu Vaccination Campaign 2020

Scheduled visits to schools and health centers A mobile unit for seasonal flu vaccines   Dr. Maryam Abdul Malik stresses the importance of getting vaccinated this year more than ever. Dr. Samia Al Abdullah: We are ready to cooperate with various State institutions. Sabah Al Kuwari: Ooredoo is taking part in the campaign because the safety of its staff is a priority. School visits start on Sunday to vaccinate teachers and staff.   The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) announced the launch of the seasonal flu vaccination campaign in its 27...

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PHCC celebrates International Customer Service Week

93 per cent Customer Service Satisfaction in Q3 2020 Under the slogan ‘Together We Rise, Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) celebrates the International Customer Service Week from Monday 5th October, through to Friday 9th October, 2020. An annual event where  PHCC acknowledges the importance of customer service, appreciates the staff involved in service and customer support on a daily basis, boost awareness of customer features, focus on optimizing services and review their patient-centered corporate culture. Huda Al Wahedi, Executive Director of Corporate...

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Pharmacists' role is much more than just dispensing medicine: PHCC

6,000 prescriptions processed; 750 patients receive medicines at home on a daily basis during COVID-19. The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 this year raised questions on the significance of enhancing the role of technology to minimize the spread of epidemics and diseases. Many people preferred ordering online for protective masks and immunity boosting drugs rather than seeking pharmacies in order to avoid physical interaction with others. In light of the new normal forced upon us due to COVID-19, many have reiterated the significance of digitalizing the pharmacy sector and...

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Back to School Protocol: PHCC advises precautionary measures during COVID-19 for Government Schools

With the State of Qatar implementing Phase 4 of the COVID-19 Qatar National Response Action Plan, a major milestone was the reopening of schools. Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC), along with PHCC School Health Services and Program (SHSP) and Communicable Diseases Control departments has launched a ‘School Health Guidance Protocol’ to reinforce precautionary protective measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 at schools, and pave the way for a safe return for students and staff. The Protocol was made as a reference for all departments, nurses and allied...

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PHCC advises for people planning international travel

With several countries opening their borders, it appears that many of our pre-COVID-19 travel lifestyle is being restructured. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is working in collaboration with local authorities to enforce COVID-19 safety guidelines to safeguard travelers. Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) provides advice for people planning international travel to take precautions and help maintain their wellbeing. Family Medicine Consultant at Madinat Khalifa Health Centre, PHCC, Dr. Dina Kashkash says: "First and foremost, travelers should weigh their options as...

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Moudhi Al-Hajiri, Director of the Dietetics and Community Services at PHCC, on Healthy Nutrition

Moudhi Al-Hajri, Director of the Dietetics and Community Services at PHCC.   What are the main concerns related to healthy nutrition during the Coronavirus pandemic that health centers focused on for patients? Emphasis was placed on patients with chronic diseases, such as, Gestational Diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stress and other chronic health issues. These cases were given utmost priority. Did the demand for dietitians increase during the Coronavirus pandemic through phone follow-ups? The Coronavirus pandemic changed the way patients...

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PHCC and Droobi Health Partner to Offer Digital Health Programs to People Living with Chronic Conditions

Droobi Health announced its second partnership with Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) to recruit 2200 new members, offering digital health programs for people with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus or at risk for chronic conditions. This partnership comes after a pilot in 2019, with 500 patients recruited at PHCC’s Rawdat Al Khail and Leabaib Health Centers, to trial Droobi’s diabetes management program. Initial results from this pilot showed improved clinical outcomes such as lowered average blood sugar levels and weight. The Droobi solution has proven to be a...

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“we look after you, wherever you may be” campaign

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) launched the “we look after you, wherever you may be” campaign in early October, which aims to promote PHCC’s services and introduce its 27 health centers geographically distributed across the State, introduce all segments of society to all health and awareness services provided by PHCC, in line with global standards, and to establish PHCC’s basic principles and objectives, its vision and mission in transforming the health and well-being of the people of Qatar, by providing person-centered health care,...

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