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PHCC Celebrates Achieving Diamond Level Accreditation from Accreditation Canada 2024 for the Third Consecutive Time

04 Jul 2024

Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) held a ceremony to celebrate their Diamond Level Accreditation from Accreditation Canada 2024 and their receipt of the People-Centred Care (PCC) Centre of Excellence award.


Dr. Hanan Mohamed Al Kuwari, Minister of Public Health, graced the ceremony alongside senior health sector officials and the Accreditation Canada team.


This recognition is awarded to health facilities that prioritize patient and family engagement in healthcare processes.


Additionally, seen as the utmost level and position within the accreditation program framework, this recognition is awarded to institutions that display unwavering commitment to excellence, emphasizing quality, results monitoring, evidence utilization, and implementation of best practices to enhance service delivery. It is also a testament to the corporation’s commitment to providing comprehensive, integrated health care that prioritizes patients’ needs.


This title positions PHCC as one of the top healthcare organizations worldwide, known for its excellence in key areas, including the successful launch of initiatives that encourage patients to join key committees, such as the Ethics Committee and the Quality and Patient Safety Committee, enabling them to be involved in critical decisions related to service design and development.


Furthermore, it affirms that Qatar's healthcare system values and acknowledges individuals' choices, while also actively incorporating the viewpoints of individuals, families, and communities, regarding them as partners and beneficiaries of a trustworthy healthcare system.


Dr. Mariam Abdul Malik, Managing Director of PHCC, expressed her pride in the corporation's new achievement of earning a Diamond Level Certificate from Accreditation Canada and receiving the PCC Centre of Excellence award during her speech at the ceremony.


She highlighted that these prestigious awards and accreditations are a testament of the unwavering commitment displayed by PHCC leaders, employees, patients, partners, and their combined endeavors to provide the best services.


“I firmly believe that better quality leads to better health outcomes, and it is our steadfast commitment to uphold this belief that has brought us here today,” she added.


She commended the outstanding efforts and support of the leaders and their teams, for their dedication and relentless efforts in delivering safe and quality care, which are the driving forces behind PHCC's success, leading to an overall compliance rate of 99.8% in all its sites.


“It is your strong work ethics, coupled with your firm dedication in showcasing a culture of quality, patient safety, and people-centered care, that truly sets PHCC apart,” she said.


Dr. Abdul Malik noted that the corporation’s celebration for obtaining the Diamond Level Certificate from Accreditation Canada for the unprecedented third time and being awarded the PCC Centre of Excellence award is a testament to its unwavering commitment to quality, patient safety, and person-centred care, and the collective efforts of every individual within the corporation.


She added: “The consistency in the care provided across all 31 health centers and understanding the crucial role of patient engagement in improving the quality and safety of care, we have taken significant strides toward achieving our mission.”


She also acknowledged the efforts of all directorates, departments, and health centers that played a role in this achievement following a recent rigorous assessment by Accreditation Canada surveyors. This thorough assessment examined a range of standards and criteria pertaining to quality, safety, risk management, and ethics in medical and support services, covering areas such as finance, information technology, human resources, infrastructure, and management. This certificate, marking a new milestone towards success, was achieved by achieving around 1,100 management-level standards across the corporation and its 31 health centers.


Dr. Amal Al-Ali, Executive Director of Quality and Patient Safety Directorate at PHCC, said that this comprehensive evaluation included site visits to all 31 health centers and the headquarters, where the survey team meticulously reviewed PHCC’s policies, procedures, and practices to ensure standardization and consistency in delivering the highest level of care without compromising patient safety.


The assessment focused on the culture of Quality, Patient Safety, and People-Centred Care across all sites. Accreditation Canada surveyors conducted thorough administrative tracers, clinical tracers, patient interviews, leadership and staff interviews, patient and partners discussion groups, and reviews of various evidence including projects, key performance indicators, improvement initiatives, personnel files, and corporate plans.