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A Joint Oral Health Event to Ensure Safer Hajj for Diabetic Pilgrims

27 May 2024

As part of the collaborative efforts between Qatar Diabetes Association (QDS) and the Oral Health Prevention and Promotion Department of the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC), the dental medical team participated in an event organized by Qatar Diabetes Association under the theme “Safe Hajj with Diabetes” dedicated to diabetic patients travelling for Hajj, which was well-attended by 300 pilgrims.  


Dr. Najat Al Yafei, Manager of Oral Health Prevention and Promotion at PHCC, reported that this collaboration enhances partnership between the two entities, aiming to raise awareness regarding dental and gum health while performing Hajj rituals. The event involved the delivery of an awareness lecture on oral and dental health for diabetic patients, educating pilgrims on the significance of undergoing dental check-up before traveling for Hajj to avoid any potential oral and dental issues, in addition to providing preventive tips on how to manage dental emergencies. The dental medical team had also conducted oral check-ups for all diabetic patients attending the event and traveling for Hajj using the mobile dental unit.   

On another note, Dr. Adbulla Al Hamaq, QDS Executive Director, highlighted that Hajj entails alterations in physical activity, dietary patterns and meal timings, which necessitate precautions to prevent any adverse impact on blood sugar levels, stressing that for any travel, a thorough advance planning is required to meet all diabetic care needs.