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Dr. Mariam Abdul Malik, PHCC's Managing Director: The 'Leadership in Human Capital Development Award' Increases Our Obligations Twofold

19 Feb 2024

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) was honored with the 'Leadership in Human Capital Development Award' at the first edition of Qatar Government Excellence Award ceremony for providing a distinguished and stimulating work environment for employees, enhancing trust and positive relations among all stakeholders.


The ceremony was held under the patronage of HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, and organized by the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau (CGB), with the aim of enhancing the quality of government performance and fostering a spirit of competition among government agencies and staff to strive for quality, development, and excellence in performance.


PHCC was awarded after successfully completing the institutional evaluation process, organized and supervised by the CGB, to assess the corporation's performance and work level through a service-based field survey, follow up on the corporation's mechanism of work and development, conduct interviews and meetings with relevant departments, and provide all necessary documents to complete the evaluation procedures.


Receiving the Award Carries a Great Weight of Responsibility

Dr. Mariam Ali Abdul Malik, PHCC's Managing Director, shared her joy and sense of accomplishment upon receiving the 'Leadership in Human Capital Development Award' as part of the Qatar Government Excellence Award. She emphasized the weight of this achievement for the corporation, as it holds the responsibility of maintaining this level of excellence.

She highlighted the corporation's emphasis on investing in human capital through creating a suitable work atmosphere and implementing a rigorous selection and recruitment process based on specific criteria, providing ongoing training and development programs, and ensuring employee satisfaction as the foundation of the corporation's work.


Nurturing and Honing Talents

Dr. Abdul Malik noted that PHCC is committed to establish an employee-centered work culture, adopting responsible and sustainable work practices, nurturing and refining talent in accordance with the objectives of Qatar National Vision 2030, and valuing human capital and sustainability as top priorities. That is to achieve excellence and attract, retain, refine, and professionally develop the best talent through a comprehensive approach to human capital development in all aspects of employee social care. This ensures the well-being and professional growth of employees, cultivating a committed workforce who present a valuable asset and capital for the corporation.


Monitoring Circumstances and Challenges

In light of the technology-dominated cognitive era, she acknowledged the importance of learning and monitoring the circumstances and challenges that urge us to reconsider the concept, roles, and functions of traditional learning to better suit the demands of this era. Investing in human potential involves equipping individuals with knowledge, wellness, and expertise to fill current job positions and generates future job opportunities.

By investing in their people, nations and communities can cultivate a skilled workforce that is able to thrive and adjust to worldwide changes, such as advancements in technology. This is because investing in human capital can generate significant returns.