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Dr. Amal Ali Highlights PHCC’s Role in Enhancing Patient Safety Awareness

28 Aug 2023

In the context of an increasingly complex global healthcare landscape, the concept of Patient Safety takes on a pivotal role. It involves empowering patients and welcoming them as active contributors within the healthcare team. This collaborative approach not only safeguards the care provided to individual patients but also bolsters the safety of the entire healthcare system.

Since 2018, the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has designated Patient Engagement as a strategic priority. Subsequently, the organization has diligently worked towards strengthening its connection with patients and their families. This partnership stands as a critical factor in achieving improved health outcomes. With well-defined policies, frameworks, and the steadfast commitment of organizational leadership, patients and families are not only integrated into the care delivery process but also involved in service planning and design. This alignment ensures that care delivery resonates with the needs of patients and the wider community.

This year, the World Health Organization has recognized Patient Engagement as a pivotal catalyst for Patient Safety. This recognition has led to the selection of the theme "Engaging patients for their safety" for the Global Patient Safety Campaign of 2023, scheduled to be celebrated on September 17.

Marking this campaign, the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has orchestrated several activities across all its Health Centers nationwide. These endeavors are paralleled by efforts on PHCC's official social media accounts. The primary objective is to elevate awareness concerning patient safety, with a specific focus on the pivotal role of patient participation in securing the safety of healthcare provision. Patient Engagement not only empowers individuals to effectively manage their conditions but also equips them to share crucial health information and knowledge.

Amidst the various initiatives undertaken by PHCC to enhance Patient Safety:

• Patients have been integral in designing an electronic application, with their input shaping programs for smoking cessation and medical symptom checking.

• Patient involvement has been instrumental in refining cancer screening services, particularly in the early detection of bowel and breast cancers.

• Patients have actively contributed to the review and development of medical procedure policies, collaborating with healthcare practitioners to formulate key policies and protocols.

• Patient input has significantly enhanced the Virtual Consultation services, leading to a more accurate identification process critical for treatment safety.

• Patient partners have actively contributed to the development of the five-year strategic plan (2024-2029) informed by insights from various patient focus groups.

• Patient Safety and Risk Management programs establishing safety and prevention as fundamental concepts. Patients have been educated about drug safety and safety protocols within Health Centers. Additionally, processes have been instituted to enable patients to report safety events encountered during their treatment journey.

• Patient partners have been instrumental in planning the PHCC Patient Safety Campaign for the current year. This has encompassed training workshops focused on enhancing patient participation for the sake of safety.

In tandem with the ongoing activities, this year's PHCC Patient Safety Campaign underscores the significance of patient safety, accentuating the importance of awareness and education regarding patients' involvement in decision-making about treatment plans. Furthermore, it highlights the pivotal role that patients, families, and caregivers play in ensuring safety within the realm of healthcare. Through the campaign week, PHCC reaffirms its unwavering commitment to involve patients in decision-making, both at the care and service levels.