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PHCC Rolls out Case Management Services in Primary Health Care Centers: Family Medicine Phase Two

10 Aug 2023


Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) announces the rollout of Case Management Services to all health centers as part of phase 2 of the Family Medicine Model.

Following a successful pilot program at Umm Salal, West Bay, Al Wakra, and Al Wajbah Health Centers, PHCC expanded the service to the remaining 27 Health Centers.

The introduction of the Case Management Service marks a significant milestone for PHCC as it further strengthens the integrated family medicine model of care. In fact, case management is a globally recognized model that has proven effective in healthcare systems worldwide. The service is designed to provide comprehensive and continuous care to patients with multiple chronic conditions and complex care needs.

At the core of PHCC's Case Management Service is an integrated model of care that brings together a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals. This team will work collaboratively to provide personalized care plans, care coordination, and case management, ensuring patients receive holistic, patient-centered care to improve health outcomes, especially for those with comorbidities.

Dr Samya Abdulla, Executive Director of Operations at PHCC, expressed enthusiasm saying, "The implementation of the Case Management Service reflects our commitment to advancing healthcare services in primary care. During the pilot phase we witnessed improved patient experience that led to better health outcomes, improved quality of life for our patients reduced service utilization, and enabled a more cost-effective integrated approach to care.

By focusing on patient-centered, integrated care, we aim to enhance the overall well-being of our patients and empower them to lead healthier lives."

The Case Management Service will be instrumental in promoting continuity of care, reducing hospital admissions, and ensuring that patients receive the appropriate care and manage their chronic conditions effectively.

The expansion of the Family Medicine Model through the Case Management Service represents a significant step forward in achieving PHCC's vision of delivering effective preventive, personalized primary care in a patient-centered setting.

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