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PHCC Underscores Keenness to Help Persons with Disabilities Obtain High-Quality Health Services

06 Dec 2022


Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) confirmed that it is committed to empowering the persons with disabilities through designing high-level of organized health services that best suit them, in addition to backing them with the essential support based on their health needs.

Assistant Medical Director for Children and Adolescent Services at Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) and National Lead for Healthy Children and Adolescents Strategies Dr. Sadriya Al Kohji said that one of the most essential initiatives of PHCC entails the provision of health services in a conducive environment for persons with disabilities in the health centers, where friendly environments have been provided in the rooms of outpatient departments, dental clinics, family medicine clinic, maternal and child healthcare clinics, child health clinics, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) clinics, and eye clinics in ten health centers.

PHCC adopted the fast track service for all age groups of persons with disabilities with the objective of facilitating and accelerating the process of obtaining the medical counselling, along with the primary health care services for visitors from the persons with disabilities through health care services in the fast track, and providing the essential support upon visiting the health center by a team from the customer service 'Hayyak' and the medical crew, she said.

The fast track service is of utmost importance for PHCC, where the work crew has been trained on the methods of reaching out to the patients with visual impairment, in addition to training work crew from PHCC and Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) on signal language to prepare and enable the medical and administrative crew to reach out to the patients with visual impairment and to effectively deal with them, she added.

Dr. Sadriya Al Kohji indicated that one of the most essential services offered by PHCC in this framework includes conducting the early detection of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by local and international experts through various training courses, revealing the EarlyBird, which is a training program dedicated to the guardians of the children diagnosed with ASD, and aims to improve and develop the relations between parents and the child, in addition to facilitating the methods of communication between them and the children diagnosed with ASD, especially in the domestic environment.

PHCC participated in the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) which falls on December 3rd each year, and aims to increase the awareness of persons with disabilities.