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PHCC Advises Annual Check to Spot Diseases

25 Oct 2022

Dr Samya Al Abdulla
The Annual Health Check Service is a health check-up for adults in Qatar aged 18 and above, deigned to spot early signs of disease and provide support and advice on how you lower your risk of diseases including diabetes, stroke, heart disease or dementia and maintain or improve your health.  

“The older we get, the higher we are at risk of certain health condition. Clinical evidence has proven that annual health checks can identify undetected health conditions early, ensuring that after assessment, our team we can deliver the appropriate treatment or place the right preventative measures in place to enhance or maintain a patient’s health.” said Dr. Samya Abdullah, Executive Director of Operation, Senior consultant Family Physicians PHCC. 

PHCC’s Annual Health Check helps both the patients, and the healthcare teams identify any diseases or ailments early on, or before any signs or symptoms may appear. Early detection helps assess any associated risks and most often can be managed with appropriate treatment. 

The Annual Health Check measures important markers of an individual’s overall health that indicates their fitness levels. These markers include blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and body mass index. 

The service is provided across two visits. First is the Annual Health Check Assessment Appointment with a nurse, and the second is an Annual Check Consultation Appointment with a physician.
As part of the assessment, the nurse takes the vitals, helps the patient complete the Annual Health Assessment Questionnaire, finally leading to laboratory required tests.

At the follow up Annual Check Consultation Appointment, the family physician will review the assessment and lab results, and based on the findings refers necessary support which may include the wellness service (one of PHCC’s key preventive care services). 

Currently, the Primary Health Care Corporation operates 28 (to update the number of the HCs before the publishing date) primary health care centers. Registered Qatari patients are eligible for the Annual Health Checks as well as non-Qatari according to the approved criteria. 
For all categories Patients with known risk factors including family history of chronic disease, age under 18, and BMI over 30, pregnant women, those with known non-communicable diseases, and unregistered are excluded. 

For more information, you can ask your family physician on your next visit to your health centre, or you can call 107.