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PHCC Resumes Gradual Operation of Wellness Services at Rawdat Al-Khail Health Center

08 Mar 2022


Ensuing the significant decline in COVID-19 cases in Qatar in recent weeks after the Omicron wave and national gradual lifting of restrictions, Rawdat Al-Khail health center, a designated COVID-19 facility, has announced the reopening of Wellness services from March 6, 2022.

Dr. Sarah Musa, Community Medicine Specialist and Wellness in Charge at Rawdat Al-Khail health center clarifies that Wellness services are multidisciplinary in nature which offer a wide range of interventions to address overweight/obesity, physical inactivity, and unhealthy eating habits to empower people to make positive lifestyle choices. Services include healthy lifestyle, health coach, exercise physiologist clinics and Wellness Center (gymnasium, swimming pool, spa, sauna, steam, and exercise recovery massage).

Given the fact that Wellness services have shifted from paper-based records into electronic health system, Wellness staff members at RAK have been trained comprehensively as part of quality improvement project to enhance the efficient use of electronic system hence, patient safety. Therefore, Wellness services will operate only on an appointment-based system with no walk-in appointments, allowing appropriate preventive measures to be implemented.

In this context, Dr. Sarah Musa calls upon clients of Wellness Center to comply with COVID-19 precautionary measures that will set new rules for the center entry and usage. Entry to the Wellness Center is restricted thru basement located entrance where guided signages are placed. Wellness entry is constrained for those with green status and golden frame on Ehteraz indicating recovered and/or fully vaccinated within the last 9 months. Infection prevention and control measures as per MOPH will be strictly followed including regular hand hygiene, cleaning, and disinfection at least every two hours and encourage patients to bring their own towels and not to share equipment. Signages to maintain physical distancing will be placed at every location of Wellness Center and patients are required to wear face mask except during exercise.

To ensure patient safety and being aligned with the country’s efforts in combating COVID-19, the reopening of Wellness services will be carried out gradually at phases with capacity and rules modifications in line with MOPH updated guidelines.

COVID-19 has led many people decreasing or even stopping physical activity and given the numerous benefits of regular physical activity including cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic and mental health, as well as overall health and wellbeing, Dr. Sarah Musa encourages all patients, especially with chronic conditions to utilize this opportunity for gradual and safe restoration of physical and mental health to meet the minimum international recommended physical activity level of 150 mins moderate-intensity or 75 minutes vigorous intensity per day, or a combination of both plus two days of resistance training per week.