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PHCC Continues to Spread Awareness on Oral and Dental Health

22 Sep 2022

Oral Health Screening Program

Every year, PHCC celebrates with MOPH Oral and Dental Health Awareness Month. The goal is to spread awareness in the community of the importance of maintaining healthy teeth and preventing decay and gum infections.

Dr. Najat Al Yafei, Director of Preventive Oral and Dental Health at the Preventive Health Department, said that PHCC looks to promote the concept of oral and dental health among the different segments of society in the State of Qatar. 90% of the population suffers from tooth decay and gingivitis, hence cooperation with MOPH for Oral and Dental Health Awareness Month stems from PHCC’s earnest interest to enhance awareness in different parts of the country.

Among 2022 activities, organized jointly with MOPH, is posting messages about oral and dental health on different social media platforms. This year, Oral and Dental Health Awareness Month coincided with the start of the “My Teeth” school dental program after suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic, thus leading to a series of various lectures in schools visited by the different teams, and other lectures for kindergarten students to raise their awareness of the importance of oral and dental health.

Dr. Najat Al Yafei added that PHCC’s yearly celebration with MOPH aims at raising community awareness that dental problems are a global problem, and everyone should work together to reduce them through proper brushing, healthy food, limiting consumption of sweets and juices containing sugars and artificial colors, as well as frequent visits to the dentist for checkup and treatment if necessary.  Gum and dental problems affect the psychological, social, mental, and physical well-being of individuals, and it is possible for someone to lose his teeth at an early age due to neglect. Dr. Al Yafei concluded by saying, “We would like everyone to have healthy teeth and gums, as well as a longer life expectancy for their teeth free of pain.”