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PHCC Celebrates Its 10-Year-Anniversary

07 Mar 2022


PHCC celebrates its 10-year-anniversary this year as part of the Emiri Decree No.15 issued in 2012, aiming to effectively provide primary health care services according to the policies adopted in the State of Qatar. Accordingly, the corporation is responsible for managing and operating all its health centers and treatment facilities and diagnosing, treating, and supporting patients, while applying the highest international standards.

The last ten years are a testament to the corporation's tireless efforts that has contributed to the advancement in Qatar’s health sector. During the last decade, PHCC has succeeded in achieving its vision to be the leader in transforming the health and wellbeing of people's lives in Qatar. PHCC has also always been committed to its mission to deliver comprehensive, integrated, and coordinated person-centered health care services through focusing on disease prevention, healthy lifestyles, and wellness in partnership with its stakeholders to improve the health and wellbeing of the population.

Guided by the National Primary Care Strategy, today PHCC operates 28 health centers with high efficiency located in all regions of the country, some of which were launched during the last ten years, and some were modernized to keep pace with the current developments and patients’ needs. The corporation's keenness to launch new health centers and modernize the old ones in accordance with the highest standards of sustainability contributed to its health facilities receiving the GSAS certificate from the Gulf Organization for Research and Development.

With its commitment to providing distinguished services and adopting the best science-driven health practices, the corporation achieved the platinum level of accreditation from Accreditation Canada International (ACI) for the first time in 2014, then achieved the diamond level of accreditation twice in a row in 2017 and 2021. PHCC's 28 laboratories were also accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) in 2021.

As the main provider of primary health care services in Qatar, the corporation organized the International Primary Health Care Conference in 2017 and 2020, one of the most important international conferences in the field of primary care.

The corporation’s achievements were not limited to that. Throughout the past decade, the corporation has contributed to increasing the wellness, health, and wellbeing of the people of Qatar by providing the best health services that are constantly developed through specialized clinics, launching family medicine and home care, offering mental health services, etc. That is beside offering preventive services provided at five health and wellness centers launched by PHCC, in addition to providing early detection and SMART Check-up services.

With its keenness to engage its patients in the decision-making process and to achieve a high level of satisfaction, the corporation established the Patients Forum to continuously gather patients’ feedback and engage them in the work of the centers by offering voluntary programs specialized in reviewing and developing services. The corporation also launched the ‘Hayyak’ service specialized in customer service, and the ‘107’ service that responds to all patients' inquiries and helps them manage their appointments in all health centers.

It was PHCC’s perennial quest to keep pace with the latest developments in technology that made it possible to convert all paper transactions and records of its patients into digital ones, by using CERNER system in all its health centers.

The corporation's services witnessed a remarkable growth. During the latter half of this decade, the corporation was able to provide e-services, the first of their kind in Qatar’s health sector. The corporation also launched ‘Nar'aakom’ application that enables patients to manage all matters related to their health and the health of their families on-the-go.

PHCC also launched its new official website in Arabic and English in 2020, through which everyone can obtain all information about the corporation, its health centers, and services offered. The website has an e-service platform and science-based educational and awareness materials that help patients safeguard their health and wellness.

Playing a key role in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, PHCC health centers were responsible for testing and holding suspected cases, in addition to launching large-scale COVID-19 vaccination campaigns and supporting its partners in addressing the pandemic.

PHCC was keen to continue providing its services through all its health centers, protecting the safety and security of its patients, and minimizing the risk of infection by offering telephone and video consultation service and medication home delivery service, launching Community Call Center service, and launching e-services.

PHCC continues to develop new plans and strategies for its uniqueness in the field of primary health care by expanding the geographical coverage of its health centers by launching new health centers, providing upgraded services, supporting scientific research, attracting competent staff, and supporting its partners in the health sector and all other sectors to put Qatar on the map.