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PHCC Celebrates International Day of Older Persons

13 Oct 2021

Lebaib - Old Persons

The Home Health Department at PHCC annually observes the International Day for Older Persons. This year’s celebrations were special and were held in line with the preventive measures  issued by the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management, the Ministry of Health and Hamad Medical Corporation in the State of Qatar.

The Home Health Department organized an event for older persons at Leabaib Health Center in the Northern Region on October 5, which included many activities aimed at integrating the elderly into society and introducing them to the various services provided by the Home Health Department medical team, including providing advice and health education on COVID-19 prevention and treatment, in addition to addressing various topics related to promoting the health of the elderly and enjoying healthy aging.

The department is keen to celebrate this occasion annually and make use of it to introduce its services and the means of accessing them, and to encourage the elderly registered in the service and their family members and caregivers to participate in this International Day.

The celebration opened with a speech by Mrs. Mutaira Musallam Al Busaidi, Head of Home Visits Department at PHCC, on home health services and the elderly and the importance of providing them with home care. This was followed by an address by Dr. Mona Al Saadi, Director of Leabaib Health Center, in which she expressed her pride in the fathers and mothers in the Qatari society.

The celebration included awareness corners, such as the Healthy Food Corner, through which balanced and appropriate healthy meals were introduced to elderly patients, based on the evaluation and periodic follow-up of each patient’s condition and treatment plan. There were also interactive group activities on how to prepare a healthy meal at home that included the participation of both the elderly and their caregivers.

As for the Physiotherapy Corner, simple and appropriate exercises for the elderly were demonstrated according to their health needs and the treatment plan agreed upon by the medical team. These simple exercises were practiced during the event in small groups under the supervision of the home health service physiotherapists and with the participation of a good number of elderly people in attendance.

The health education and medical corner included a presentation by home care doctors and nursing staff on how to take care of the elderly and their health at home, with a focus on reducing and minimizing the risk factors that the elderly may be exposed to at home. The team also provided support and advice and responded to inquiries from patients and their families in line with their health and psychological condition.

The department also celebrated this occasion with PHCC employees with a presentation on PHCC’s Home Health Department services and the mechanism for benefiting from them in the main building - Tower 1, in addition to a presentation for PHCC’s staff at the staff clinic. The department was also keen to celebrate the patients who are unable to attend and be present at the center by organizing home visits and offering gifts and healthy meals.

This celebration is an annual source of joy and pleasure for the elderly. It is also a practical application of PHCC’s vision and directives to promote healthy aging.

It is worth noting that some of the nursing staff and the medical team in the home health service, as well as the participants and organizers of this year’s ceremony, were honored during the event.