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PHCC Celebrates Customer Service Week

14 Oct 2021

Customer Service _MainCard2021

PHCC celebrated World Customer Service Week, which falls from 4 to 8 October of each year, and stressed its eagerness to provide the best health services and to ensure easy access to them.

PHCC works to raise awareness of the vital role customer service plays in all fields and at all levels, with a focus on the importance of providing the best services to patients in PHCC Health Centers, building a customer service centered institutional culture, and working to shed light on the importance of customer service within the framework of PHCC’s goal to make the patient’s experience satisfactory and comfortable through a work partnership between all PHCC employees.

Mrs. Amina Al-Balushi, Head of the Customer Service Department at PHCC, underlined that the most important thing that enhances PHCC’s values and goals is working on spreading the concepts of serving and caring for patients while providing services with a high level of quality and proficiency. She added that PHCC is committed to work in partnership with patients and employees to help in the process of continuous improvement and the upgrading of services in a manner that ensures that patients can easily obtain information about PHCC’s health services, receive opinions, observations and inquiries, and respond to them within the scope of PHCC’s standard policies and procedures.

She also explained that PHCC, through its leaders and operations supervisors, collects and documents all remarks, suggestions and complaints received from patients, and transfers them to competent officials, who then prepare periodic reports that include analysis and study of this valuable information to improve the services provided and plan new services,  updates or further development of PHCC’s facilities in line with QNV 2030 and the National Strategy for Health, which enhances the role of patients and community members in supporting development at a national level.

Hamdi Al-Adham, Head of Patient Affairs Department at PHCC, said “The coronavirus pandemic represented the biggest challenge, with our employees playing a very successful role in educating and guiding patients by steering them towards the proper procedures to access health services through “Hayyak” in Health Centers, or customer service either through PHCC’s Communication Department, the government’s communication center on "107", or  the “Nar’aakom” smartphone app. Al-Adham stressed that PHCC takes all customer feedback seriously and realizes that listening and responding to feedback is of paramount importance as it provides valuable information and creates unique opportunities for development and progress leading to improvement of the health services provided to citizens and residents in the State of Qatar.