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PHCC launches Nar’aakom Mobile App

04 Jan 2021

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Patients can now access health care anywhere, anytime


Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has launched today ‘Nar’aakom’, a bilingual mobile application that provides comprehensive healthcare management on-the-go, from accessing upcoming appointments to applying for a health card online. With the launch of Nar’aakom, PHCC has made it easy for the people in Qatar to access digitized services for its 27 health centers, by making health care services easily accessible via smartphones.

“Nar’aakom application allows people in Qatar to benefit from many of PHCC's digital services from the comfort of their smartphones.” Stated Dr. Mariam Abdul Malik, the Managing Director of PHCC.

“The launch of Nar’aakom application represents an extension of the digital transformation of health care services that PHCC has rolled out early last year. With this new mobile app, we have provided people with the necessary tools to access health services anywhere, anytime at their convenience using a secure platform; thus, encouraging patients to take ownership of their health,” added Dr. Abdul Malik.

During COVD-19, PHCC has accelerated its digital transformation to facilitate no/minimal-contact care delivery by carrying-out virtual consultations over the phone and video, establishing a 24x7 Community Call Center, and an electronically dispensed medication facility that provides home-delivery service.

The new mobile app, Nar’aakom, provides complete management of services from keeping track of the health card expiry date and online renewal, to accessing the assigned health center and finding your personal assigned family physician. Available for both iPhones and Android devices, the Nar’aakom application can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store in Qatar.

“Nar’aakom gives you complete control to manage your and your family’s health service requirements. From booking an appointment at one of PHCC health centers, to requesting to change your assigned health center and/or your assigned family physician. It also allows you to add dependents to your account, so as to manage requests for any of these services on their behalf,” said Mr. Musallam Mubarak Al Nabit, Assistant Managing Director at PHCC.

Within a year, PHCC has managed to lead the digitalization of health care services in Qatar. In October 2020, PHCC has launched their new website which provides an easy access to all primary care information online. Patients can also access e-services on the new PHCC website that allows conducting ‘day-to-day’ administrative business on-line.