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Welcome to PHCC’s new eServices Portal! This new portal allows you to request services from PHCC without the need for you to visit your health center or make a call to our call center.

To access eServices Portal, you need to have an account with Qatar’s National Authentication System (Tawtheeq).

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To access PHCC eServices, you need to have an account with Qatar’s National Authentication System (Tawtheeq). Residents with QID and people over 18 years of age can access the eService plateform.

You can avail of the following eServices:

  • - Add Dependent Account
  • - Register for New Health Card
  • - Change My Health Center
  • - Change My Family Physician
  • - Manage your Appointments
  • The Dependent Account eService allows users of PHCC’s eService to add their dependents who are less than 18 years to their own account.
  • Dependents should have a valid QID.

Adding dependents to your account allows you to request various services on their behalf. You can request to register for a health card, manage their appointments, request a medical report, and other such services.

  • Dependents who are 18+ years can create their own account on PHCC’s eService.
  • Any existing dependent on your account who have reached 18 years of age will be automatically disabled and will have to create their own account on PHCC’s eService

The Health Card eService allows users to register themselves or their dependents for a health card and receive health card at one of our health centers located across Qatar.

The health center is assigned based on residency address and is subject to PHCC’s patient registration policy.

To receive your health card, payment of QR 100 should be made at the health center after which you will receive your health card.

Change My Health Center eService allows users to request a change of their currently assigned health center to another one.

The health center assigned to users is determined based on residency address and is subject to PHCC’s patient registration policy.

My Family Physician eService allows you to request for a change of your currently assigned family physician.

Select single physician from the list of Family Physicians shown for your Current Assigned Health Center.

Reassignments are based on physician assignment capacity.

Your family physician is your first step to access all our health services and he/she will enable you to have the right information about your health.

The Request New Appointment / Request to Reschedule Appointment/ Request for Cancel Appointment eService allows you to request for new appointments for yourself and/or your dependents from a list of clinics that are available for direct booking. You can also reschedule your upcoming appointment to a different date or cancel it if you no longer need it.

New appointment requests are only available for a limited number of clinics and/or services. To get an appointment with other services, your family physician can refer you to these services based on your health condition.

In case you decide to cancel the New appointment request after submitting; then you can do so from the Mobile App for a request in ‘Request Received’ status only.

For Only Family Physician Appointments, you also have a Video Consultation (VC) option in certain Health Centers. The 107 team will discuss this when they call to confirm your ‘Family Physician’ appointment in case your Current assigned Health center has a VC facility.

In case of an emergency, please call 999. For urgent or same day appointment requests, please call 107.

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