Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Services

The ENT service deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the ear, nose, and throat.

Scope of Service

The scope of PHCC ENT services falls into three main categories:

1. Referral as EMERGENCY cases

Those ENT emergency conditions that could be managed by ENT Physicians at PHCC centers if facilities/equipment are available and do not require transfer to main ED at HMC:

Epistaxis controllable by local measures

Acute nasal trauma

Nasal vestibulitis and abscess

Acute vertigo without any neurological signs or symptoms

Foreign bodies

Acute otitis externa

Auricular cellulites and perichondritis

2. Referral as URGENT cases

Those ENT conditions that can be referred by General physicians as urgent referral within two weeks basis on ENT Guidelines:

Unilateral tinnitus


Acute laryngo pharyngitis

Acute parotitis (Salivary gland disorders)



Acute tonsillitis

Acute rhino sinusitis

Acute otitis media with or without perforation

Acute perforation ear drum traumatic or not

Ear Wax

3. Referral as ROUTINE cases

Those ENT conditions that require referral to specialist care at PHCC specialist centers on a non-urgent basis and those conditions that require follow up.

Chronic otitis externa

Uncomplicated chronic otitis media

Pediatric secretory otitis media for 3 months treatment if no improved routine referral HMC

Eustachian tube dysfunction

Long term hearing loss assessment


Allergic rhinitis

Chronic rhinosinusitis with or without nasal polyps

Chronic laryngitis

Chronic pharyngitis

Voice changes

Snoring in pediatric or adult with or without sleep apnea

Pediatric with speech delay and suspected hearing loss

Smell and taste disorders

Target Population / Patient

All patients (Adults & Young People) registered with PHCC.

Type of Access

The service is an appointment only service however, the clinic does accept walk in patients in case of emergencies (emergency cases will have three slots available each).

Patient Self-referral


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