PHCC provides a primary health care pharmacy service, staffed by qualified and experienced pharmacists across at all health centers within PHCC.

The Pharmaceutical Care service, is managed by the PHCC Pharmacy department, is committed to support the health and wellness of all patients ensuring the save and correct use of medications. In addition, it provides safety and quality of medication utilization and continuity of care, which is reflected seen in the development and delivery of medication management policies, procedures, guidelines and evidence-based formulary management within the scope of practice of PHCC.

The pharmacy department works in collaboration with PHCC multidisciplinary medical, clinical staff, other external care providers to provide the highest standards of pharmaceutical care to ensure the best use of medications and best clinical practice.

Scope of Service

The PHCC pharmacy department offers foundational and advanced services including stoking, dispensing, patient medication education and counseling, medication reconciliation, medication utilization review ,medication optimization , immunization and health promotion advices within PHCC scope of practice.

Target Population / Patient

All patients in the Qatar community.

Other information

PHCC launched the Medication Home Delivery Service in partnership with Q-post with effect from, 25th March 2020. Registered patients can receive their prescribed medications by simply sending “WhatsApp” message to a dedicated mobile number at each PHCC pharmacy. The service aims to reduce any need for the patient to come to health center to fight the spread of Corona Virus.

To view our Medication Home Delivery Service please click Here

In the near future, we will offer virtual consultations and clinical pharmacy clinics.

Type of Access

Direct access to the pharmacies by visiting the health center pharmacies or through direct appointment booking by patient or referral through physician.

Patient Self-referral


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