Clinical Laboratory diagnostic services are provided across all PHCC Health centers.

Scope of Service

PHCC laboratories provides diagnostic laboratory testing services to its patients. It also provides laboratory services to patients with valid health cards from Hamad Medical Corporation, Sidra Medicine and Cuban Hospital. It also supports with phlebotomy services for Medical Commission and premarital screening services. The laboratory provides services in Phlebotomy, Routine Hematology, Clinical Chemistry, Immunology, Endocrinology and Clinical Pathology. Other services, such as Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Histopathology etc. are performed in collaboration with the Hamad Medical Corporation laboratories.

Target Population / Patient

Patients with a valid health card and diagnostic laboratory test order from authorized physicians can access the laboratory services in PHCC.

Type of Access

Patients can access laboratory services provided they have a valid test order and health card.

Patient Self-referral


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