Patient Safety

As a leader in providing the health service and wellbeing of the people lives in Qatar, it is our mission to deliver high-quality, safe, comprehensive, integrated and coordinated person-centered health care. Patient safety is a strategic priority in PHCC.

We proactively seek to develop strong partnerships with people and community and full sector collaboration to ensure that people receive high-quality and safe health services, that is fully integrated across all levels of care, and to people in their communities.

Patient Safety

Our Commitment to Patient Safety

PHCC is also committed to Qatar National Patient Safety Standards that are aligned with WHO program and to the Accreditation Canada International patient safety standards. Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) values safety and continuously making patient safety a priority in organization planning, priority setting, and decision-making processes, using consistent risk management tools and processes to enhance Patient Safety.

Risk management and Patient safety department uses an integrated approach to analyze and manage information that are useful in learning and identifying the opportunities for improvement in the organization process and structure to enhance the safety culture in PHCC. Furthermore, PHCC utilizes the function of Client Engagement to ensure representatives of members of the public and patients are involved to contribute advice and feedback to improve patient safety.

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