Our Leadership & Governance


Dr. Mariam Abdulmalik

Managing Director

Musallam Al-Nabit

Assistant Managing Director

Administrative & Corporate Services


Dr. Zelaikha Al Wahedi

Assistant Managing Director

Quality & Workforce Development


Steven Emery

Assistant Managing Director

Strategy & Business Development

Governance Structure

PHCC is governed by Senior Management and Executive Committee “SMEC” and is supported by a group of standing committees to maintain internal control to achieve the corporate’s policies and objectives. The SMEC committee was established as the most senior standing committee and a principal part of PHCC Governance structure to take a holistic view of the work of PHCC, taking decisions and provide recommendations to the Managing Director on major strategic, governance and operational matters to ensure an efficient and effective organizational and healthcare delivery.                     

Through the Managing Director, the SMEC committee is responsible to exercise the delegated powers and discretions for overall strategies and corporate policies, operational activities and performance, evaluate and monitor the annual budget and finance of PHCC as well as the capital projects, infrastructure of new facilities, and oversee the implementation of the annual audit report.

This approach supports the establishment of a list of committees that ensures the implementation of the strategic plan and objectives, risk monitoring, and development of operational plans with specific performance assessment criteria ensuring implementation according to the approved timetable and budget.


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