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Postnatal Care

The postnatal care service, in partnership with HMC birthing facilities, ensures ongoing care for recently delivered mothers. This service is designed to prioritize safety, accessibility, evidence-based practices, high-quality care, and timely delivery by proficient healthcare professionals. 

Scope of Service

Postnatal care includes provision of physical and psychological assessment, in addition to providing proper health education and counseling to improve mother’s health and wellbeing. 

This service is available in all PHCC health centers. 

Target Group 

New mothers who have recently given birth, whether they are Qatari citizens or residents of other nationalities, living in Qatar and registered at PHCC health centers. 

Other information

Once a request for this service has been placed, the mother will receive a call within 3-5 working days from Maternal & Child Health Counselor for health assessment, counseling & follow-up as required.  

Type of Access

  •  Self-referral by calling 107
  •  HMC birth facilities e-referral
  •  Physician referral at PHCC health centers