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Antenatal Care

PHCC provides a comprehensive antenatal care package that is accessible and adheres to the highest standards of care. 

Scope of Service

Provide consistent health monitoring during structured antenatal care visits and provide early intervention when necessary to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a smooth transition to a successful childbirth. 

Offer an antenatal care booking service as soon as pregnancy is confirmed at the health center. It's recommended to undergo this assessment early, preferably before reaching the 10-week gestational mark. This assessment involves a thorough review of medical, surgical, gynecological, and past obstetric history, along with requesting standard screening tests (laboratory and ultrasound), as well as prescribing necessary supplements and medications. 

Pregnant women receive antenatal care at the health center up to their 34th week of pregnancy, after which they're referred to secondary care to continue regular follow-up until delivery. However, in cases of certain high-risk conditions, early referral to secondary care can be done. 

This service is available in all primary health care health centers. 

Target Group

Pregnant women living in the country, including both Qatari citizens and non-Qatari residents, who are registered with PHCC health centers. 

Type of Access

  • First appointment: self-referral by calling 107 or walk-in at health center. 
  •  Follow-up appointments: You can schedule or adjust your antenatal care appointments by contacting 107 or by asking the receptionist for help in booking an appointment.