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Our Initiatives

Community Outreach Oral Health Programs

The Dentistry Department at PHCC organizes initiatives to promote oral health, aiming to raise awareness of the link between oral and overall health and its impact on one's quality of life. These activities and events are conducted by PHCC consistently throughout the year, and they involve distributing oral health materials like brochures, posters, and booklets to the community. 

National Days Events


Children with disabilities Events


 Schools Targeting promotion Initiative

Asnani School Oral Health Program

PHCC provides comprehensive dental services, covering oral disease prevention, intervention, education and health promotion for kindergarten and school children in Qatar. Additionally, it aims to create a collaboration between different health professionals in order to improve oral health of children, especially during early childhood. 

At Schools:

  • Oral Health Education. 
  • Dental examination for children. 
  • Application of topical fluoride and/or fissure sealants as indicated. 
  • Referral for treatment if needed. 

At Health centers:

  • Examination of KG students visiting the health center + topical fluoride application + referral for treatment if needed. 
  • Tooth brushing education for KG children in dedicated areas equipped with sinks and water and supervised by dental hygienists. 
  • Treatment of referred cases (KG + school students).