Postnatal Care

Postnatal care service, in collaboration with HMC birth facilities, provides continuity of care for newly delivered mothers. The service is designed to be safe, accessible, evidence-based, of high quality, and care delivered at the right time by skilled staff.

Scope of Service

Postnatal care includes provision of physical and psychological assessment, in addition, to provide proper health education and counseling to improve mother’s health and wellbeing.

The service is available in all health centers.

Target Population / Patient

Newly delivered mothers Qatari and Non-Qatari’s residing in Qatar and registered at PHCC health center.

Other information

The service is provided based on the e-referral order from HMC birth facilities, or self-request for postnatal care service through 107. The mother will receive a call within 3-5 working days from Maternal & Child Health Counselor for health assessment, counseling & follow up as required. 

Type of Access

Self-referral and request of service through 107

HMC birth facilities e-referral

Physician referral at Health Center

Patient Self-referral


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