Integrated Community Cardiology Service (ICCS)

Integrated Community Cardiology Service (ICCS) is an integrated approach with HMC cardiology team, for people living with Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and associated morbidities. PHCC physicians with Cardiology qualifications or previous cardiology experience work jointly with physicians from Heart Hospital to provide the service. The service uses handheld echocardiograms to support diagnoses and assist in patient care.

Scope of Service

The ICCS offers a comprehensive service for patients, which includes:

Assessment and investigation of patients with suspected non-urgent heart conditions.

Treatment and/or management of stable heart conditions for patients discharged from Heart Hospital.

Development of a personalized care management plan.

Appropriate education and advice for patients and their carers.

Target Population / Patient

Stable cardiac patients in the community (predominantly discharged from Heart Hospital OPD).

New patients referred by family physicians.

Preventive Medicine in the form of a cardiovascular risk assessment.

Type of Access

ICCS is an appointment only service. All registered patients at the PHCC Health Centre will be able to see a doctor at the service through a referral from Heart Hospital or Family Medicine Clinic at PHCC Health Center.

Patient Self-referral


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