Dental Services

Brief Introduction

The Primary Health Care Corporation provides high quality accessible dental services to all age groups.

PHCC dental services include general dental care and extends to be inclusive of specialized dental care and complies within regulations applied by the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners.

The focus of PHCC dental services is on oral health promotion, prevention, early detection and treatment of oral diseases.

Target Population / Patient

All Ages (children, young people and adults, old age) - Qatari and Non-Qatari.

Targeted preventative oral health programs for high risk groups through programs such as:

Pregnant women and infants through the Beautiful Smile Service

School aged Children through Asnani School Oral Health Program

Oral health assessment and screening of new/transferred governmental kindergarten and school students

Adults with chronic health conditions

Provided Services

General Dental services:

PHCC provides General Dental services at all healthcare centers, delivered by competent and well-trained general dental practitioners for cases that are within their scope of practice as per Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners guidelines and within the scope of primary health care:

Clinical & radiographic examination.

Dental diagnosis.

Simple dental extractions.

Dental restorations.

Periodontal (gum disease) treatment.

Endodontic (root canal) treatment for front teeth and emergency treatment for back teeth.

Pediatric dental care.

Specialized Dental Services:

Specialist dental care is often provided as part of the patient treatment plan. It is available at specific healthcare centers and accessible to all PHCC clients. The service is provided by competent and well-trained dental specialists to manage cases that are beyond the general dental practitioners’ scope of service, but within the scope of primary health care:

Oral surgery.

Advanced periodontal (gum disease) treatment.

Advanced endodontic (root canal) treatment.

Advanced pediatric dental care.

Dental treatment using Laser technology.

Urgent Dental Care:

Urgent dental care for urgent cases like severe dental pain, swelling and tooth fracture is available at PHCC dental clinics. The service is provided by well-trained dentists and specialists.

Oral Hygiene care:

Oral hygiene care includes preventive dental services provided by well-trained dental hygienists, who examine clients and develop personalized oral hygiene plans to help patient get and maintain great oral health.

Oral and dental examination.

Professional teeth cleanings (Scaling and polishing of teeth).

Topical fluoride treatment.

Fissure sealant application.

Diet and smoking cessation counselling.

Oral hygiene instruction.

Referral from/to Other Health Service Providers:

Cases that are beyond the primary dental health care remit can be referred to other governmental oral health service providers within Qatar to receive appropriate dental care.

PHCC also accepts referrals from other governmental health service providers for cases that require oral health care within its scope.

PHCC can refer to and accept referrals from Hamad Medical Corporation (Hamad Dental Center, Al Wakra Hospital, Al Khor Hospital, The Cuban Hospital) and Sidra hospital.

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