Audiology Services

The Audiology service diagnoses and treats individuals with auditory, balance, and related disorders. This includes identifying and assessing hearing and balance problems; rehabilitating persons with hearing and balance disorders.

Scope of Service

The general procedures carried out by PHCC Audiology include:

  • Administration and interpretation of clinical case history.
  • Well baby hearing screening at age of two months (Currently this service is provided by HMC as outreach clinics).
  • Hearing screening for school entry

  • Administration and interpretation of Pure tone audiometry for patients with age 6 years and above ( available at six health centers)
  • Administration and interpretation of Immittance (tympanometry and reflex) evaluation for all age groups
  • Interpretation of the test results and further recommend the need of other tests such as behavioural, electroacoustic, and electrophysiological measures of the peripheral and central auditory, balance, and other related systems.
  • Administration and interpretation of Otoacoustic emission  evaluation for all age groups


    Audiologists engage in the following activities when counselling individuals and their families:

  • Interpretation of assessment outcomes and treatment options
  • Empowering individuals and their families to make informed decisions related to their plan of care
  • Educating the individual, the family, and relevant community members
  • Support and/or access to peer-to-peer groups for individuals and their families
  • Providing individuals and their families with skills that enable them to become self-advocates
  • Adjustment counselling related to the psychosocial impact on the individual
  • Referring individuals to other professionals when counselling needs fall outside those related to auditory, balance, and other related disorders.
  • Recommendation of ear protective devices
  • Counseling regarding communication strategies
  • Counseling regarding the care and maintenance of hearing instruments (e.g. Hearing aids, Cochlear Implants and Assistive listening devices)

Target Population / Patient

All patients (Adults & Young People) registered with PHCC.

Other information

Any activities and or procedures that are not covered in the scope section (above) should be considered as out of scope.

All referrals to secondary/tertiary care will be made BY A PHCC ENT specialist.

Type of Access

(Direct appointment booking by patient “Self-referral”/ or only GP/FP-referral):

Only GP/Family Physician referral / ENT referral. The service is an appointment only service however, the clinic does accept walk in patients in case of emergencies

Patient Self-referral


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