Our Facilities

Expanding our reach to support Qatar’s National Vision

Transforming the Landscape of Primary Care Facilities by Introducing New, State-of-the Art Health Centers or Enhancing the Existing Health Centers to ensure that excellent care is provided within the premises.

Our engineers remain respectful to visitors as well as staff by ensuring sustainability, reliability and quality of the Physical Environment by adhering to codes, improving legacy provisions and maintaining medical and non-medical systems and assets at healthy condition as well as embracing every opportunity of green / environmental practice as well as client engagement.

PHCC Health Care Centers reach out to the community and remain consciously centered on disease prevention, promotion of Healthy Lifestyles and Wellness.

The Operation of New Health centers is in response to the rapidly growing need and demand for services, due to the growing population of Qatar.

PHCC aims to increase access for the patients and public by broadening the geographic coverage to the whole country.

The objective of the New Health Centers is to create facilities that are of outstanding architectural merit and being clinical centers of excellence, supporting patients and their families as well as the clinical staff.


PHCC strives for venues that will be:

Evidence based

Family oriented

State of the art


Supportive to clinical practice

Purpose built

Respectful to Culture



Environmentally conscious

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