Appointments & Referral


Booking and Appointment.

Booking and appointment section established to manage the process of appointments for patients at all Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) health centers that run appointments clinics. In addition, manage the process of appointments at 107 helping line to ensure that patients are given appropriate appointments, information, appointments reminder, and complaint or suggestion applied.

Scope of Service

Booking and appointment section scopes are providing quality appointment process, increasing the patient satisfaction by offering appointments fit patients requirements, and optimizing appointment attendance and utilization by patients.

Referral Management Office (RMO)

Referral Management Office (RMO) was established in 2015 to play an important role in integration of care & patient safety. It is a tool used to monitor, direct and control patient referrals on daily basis that safeguards to receive good medical care to the patients. In addition, RMO maintain the simultaneous collaboration and communication with different stakeholders to enhance the quality of referral process. All referrals include internal and external E-referrals are managed by referral coordinators based on the best practice.

Scope of Service

RMO serve for ensuring that the patient is referred to the right health care service at right time by monitoring, tracking of all E-referrals (internal, external) both from and to PHCC. Consequently, RMO follow up with PHCC referring clinicians for the inappropriate E-Referrals identified and act on time to resolve identified referral related issues.

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