Pre marital Screening

Premarital clinic started with medical examination before marriage by Emiri decree issued in 2009 requiring all couples of Qatari citizens and residents people making a test before the marriage. The service is provided for Qatari and GCC citizens at the PHCC health centers, In April 2012 a decision issued that all residents people to do the premarital check- up at Private sector.

Scope of Service

The target population are men and women who are planning to get married.

History and physical examination will be done.


Blood sample will be taken to examine the following:

  • Infectious diseases; which are: Hepatitis B, C/ HIV / Syphilis / screening against measles (for women only).
  • Hereditary blood disorders; which are: Sickle cell anemia and Thalassemia (Mediterranean) anemia.
  • Genetic diseases: Homocystinuria, Cystic Fibrosis, Spinal muscular atrophy (elective).
  • Blood group and Fasting/ Random Blood sugar is requested.
  • The result will take 7 -10 working days.

In case of normal results the clients will be given the certificates (each partner will take his own). In case of abnormal results; referral to secondary care for counselling and further investigation. the client will be referred to referring physician if they agreed about the result. to come back for the final counseling and taking the certificate if they agreed to continue the marriage.

Target Population / Patient

Adult Male and Female who are planning to get married.

Other information should be included

The clients should have valid Health card

Each client should have a copy of QID for the other partner, updated mobile number.

In case of the other partner is not resident in Qatar; copy of passport and copy of the results (last memo).

Type of Access

Physician referral
Secondary care referral (HMC birthing facilities)

Patient Self-referral


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