Social Worker

Scope of Service

Social workers are increasingly being integrated as a member of interprofessional Primary health care Corporation (PHCC) team. As a member of these interprofessional primary health care team, social workers are actively integrated into these multidisciplinary teams to help strengthen patient care and to Support on psychosocial issues for both individuals and family. Addition to that Social Workers also performs preschool entry psychosocial assessment for students.

Target Population / Patient

Primary health care Corporation registered clients, except patients below 3 years of age.

Other information

No Social Worker services provided currently due to Covid- 19 pandemic and routine services temporary suspended, except for pre-school admission assessment.

Type of Access

  • Access to Social Workers will be through referrals from physicians in Family Medicine clinics, and Home health care services.
  • Schools Social Worker or Nurses
  • Self-referral

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